Riding a Bicycle for Two is Like Marriage

053Tomorrow is our 24th wedding anniversary. I made a huge decision in 1990 and left the Mennonites to marry this man. It has led to a beautiful marriage. The major provision God has provided for me is a man who is kind, generous to a fault, and who does not force his will on me – the exact opposite of my father.

My hubby and I have many interests that are different from each other but we try to mingle them together by each giving to the other in some way. Today, we chose to drive to Lanesboro to rent a bicycle for two. I love to ride my bicycle but now, you have to understand that my husband does not ride a bicycle any longer because all the seats hurt his behind and he feels like it is just torture. So when we do ride- that once a year occasion, we have settled on the wide-seated bicycle for two. Riding a bicycle for two requires cooperation. I think it is really a marriage compatibility test. If one rents the side-by-side seated bicycle, only one person can steer, not both. The kind that we rented today, the 3-wheeled recumbent with one seat behind the other, requires both of us to stop peddling in order to shift. That doesn’t sound so difficult except the maker of the bicycle decided to mess with everyone’s brain by making #8 on the gear shift be the lowest gear, not the highest like normal bicycle makers and we needed to stop peddling to shift, again the exact opposite of standard bicycles. Talk about messing me up. I am an old dog. I had a very difficult time getting those two things accomplished, let alone coordinate a holler over my shoulder at the same time at my hubby to stop peddling. Most of the time he wasn’t peddling anyway so it was a moot point. We have an understanding that as the exercise freak in the family, I will do most of the peddling. That is fine with me and allows both of us to enjoy the ride together.

017 On our second date, way back 25 years ago, I took him for a 26 mile bike ride. But today, it was just a 9 mile one. He says, “You tried to kill me on a bike back then and you’re still trying to kill me on a bicycle.” Ha Ha! But he didn’t tell me back then that I was killing him. And he is still trying to make me happy which is sweet. How can I not love the guy.

One thought on “Riding a Bicycle for Two is Like Marriage

  1. I loved your bicycle story….I also like to bike and my husband doesn’t and he doesn’t like the hard and small seats either….funny about you trying to kill your husband 24 years ago and this month!!!!!

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