Marketing My Book

426I read all the information on the internet on how to market a book and my head begins to spin. How does anyone have time to do all the things every day that one is supposed to do to increase sales? I haven’t been able to figure that out yet so I have elected to do just a few things every once in awhile. I have a Facebook page, a blog, a website, and a twitter account. A TWITTER Account! I am not quite sure what to do with a twitter account. The tweets just keep rolling in continuously. How does anyone have time to follow a twitter account?

And now for some small practical things I am trying. This weekend is Elgin Cheese Days so I hope to sell a few books sitting under a tent beside the sidewalk. Also going on right now is Thursdays on First and Third in Rochester where 28 different authors from the Rochester Area have banded together for 5 weeks to display their creations in a booth. Will my book sell? I guess I will find out. I will even make a personal appearance there on July 2 from 9am – 12 noon. And for those of you who might like to have an audio book to listen to instead of reading, the audio version of

Rochester corn on cob made of ice

Rochester corn on cob made of ice

“If You Leave This Farm” will be coming out in the next week on Amazon and I tunes. And finally for those who are patiently waiting, the sequel “No Longer A Child Of Promise” is at the printers. I am hoping for a late July, early August release. Yeah!

2 thoughts on “Marketing My Book

  1. Ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have been anticipating “No Longer a Child of Promise”. You must go through much emotional upheaval when writing your memories. God’s peace to you!!!


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