Book Reading in Gibbon, MN

002 038 (2)On April 13, my husband and I drove to Gibbon, Mn for my Book Reading/Signing there. It was a beautiful sunny spring day. I got my directions off of Google Maps and soon gave up following them. They directed us through twists and turns I never did find. If they had just said, drive up Hwy 52 to Cannon Falls and go west on Hwy 19, I could have handled that. But no, they had to make it complicated with every little turn of the steering wheel printed on the paper. Why do they feel they need to do that? To confuse old people like me?

I discovered that I have never been through that area of Minnesota before. It was a little over a 2 1/2 hour drive with travel through flat, fertile farmland – a magnificent sight. We were both struck by the small populations of the towns we went through but in spite of that, there were huge agricultural and other businesses in each of these towns. The sign outside Gibbon stated that population was 750. Oh no, I am thinking. I am not going to have many at my reading. I was pleasantly surprised at the approximately 30 -35 people who showed up and were truly interested in my presentation. I had a truly enjoyable time meeting the wonderful people of Gibbon. Now just a few pictures from around Gibbon from my husband, the amateur photographer.

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