The Pets We Love

PetsFamilyJan2013 196Last week was a lovely warm week and I was getting spring fever. I made the decision on Wednesday to rent a carpet cleaner and clean those terrible looking carpets that haven’t been cleaned for a very long time. After a morning of very hard work, they sparkled and smelled so fresh and clean. What a great feeling!

Friday morning, I was greeted with, “I think the dog made a huge puddle on the stair landing.” from my husband. From me, “N o o o o!”  I will need to deal with that later. He cleaned up the basics and sprayed the spot for me. I needed to get myself ready for work and get my breakfast eaten. I sprayed and scrubbed in short bursts of time while I went about my getting ready. Just as I was about to leave the house, the dog came running down the stairs and threw up on the carpet by the door before I could get her outside. As I was contemplating the huge second mess before me, she proceeded to throw up again behind me. I do not need this. I am supposed to be out the door. Frantically, I attempted to clean up the new messes. Twenty minutes later I gathered up my stuff, set the house alarm, locked the door, and stepped into the garage. I realized instantly that I did not have the car keys or the house key. They were still hanging on the hook in the house. Should I cry now or later? A short walk was required to retrieve the spare key outside the house and I was on my way. Needless to say, by now my stomach did not feel well either.

Later that morning, our daughter came home from college and found the fourth mess on the carpet downstairs. So much for having a clean carpet. The story came out later from my husband as to why the dog was not feeling well. He had cooked us a meal using vegetable oil and placed the can of old oil drippings in the garage to harden. Bella found it and lapped up half the can before he caught her.

PersonalandCrosses2013 029

The final straw was the cat throwing up her Easter morning breakfast upstairs in two places. How is it that we can go weeks without a mess and the week after I clean, all out dear companions have to chuck it all up. Any visions of having a nice clean house can go out the window with children or animals in the house. But Oh, how we love them and they make our lives interesting.


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