Spring has sprung! At least, the weather tells me it has though the calendar still declares it to be March. The trees are brown and barren but the temperature is pushing 60 degrees. Who can walk on the treadmill for exercise when such beautiful weather beckons outdoors? And, of course, I can’t leave Bella, the dog, behind if I am going for a real walk. We start out down the drive. There are still some snow piles in the ditches and the gravel underlay of the drive seeps brown mud. I have worn my boots but it doesn’t seem too bad. Hopefully, the road will be better. As we turn left and begin our journey down the gravel road, I am beginning to have second thoughts about bringing Bella along. The frost has not gone out of the gravel road yet either so the water seeps through the layer of gravel on top instead of filtering away in spite of the fact we have had no rain for a week. Bella trots happily along. Her feet pick up small pebbles of sand and gravel and throw them up towards her sides and belly. Soon she looks like a brown speckled blob. Ugh! How am I going to get her cleaned off so she can go back in the house? Too late now so I might as well keep going and enjoy the day.

Back home 30 minutes later, I have one brown dog instead of a black German Shepherd. I call for my daughter, who is home on spring break from college, to help. Soon the hose is hooked up to the outdoor faucet but Bella has no interest in getting near a stream of water. We wrestle her over to the hose and soon she is clean and we are wet and dirty. A good scrubbing with a towel and Bella is good as new. I can’t say the same thing about me but it was a refreshing walk.

One thought on “#Spring

  1. Enjoyed reading Spring on your blog. I am patiently waiting for Spring here in PA. Flowers blooming soon I hope as some of my flowers are coming up.
    I enjoy reading Amish related books and the differences in lifestyle between them and others. Hoping you do well with you book. Happy Spring


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