#January Day in Minnesota

088“Blizzard warning,” said the weatherman yesterday as the wind howled over the land and the 1″ of fresh snow was swept over the land and the roads. As I drove home from work at 8 pm, I did not think it was too bad until I reached our driveway. I think all the snow that fell had landed there in big drifts. But my trusty Toyota all-wheel drive made it through.

“You are going to need to plow before you leave in the morning.” I inform my husband who is situated in his comfy chair.

“But I just did it at one this afternoon,” he replies. “And I need to be to town by 7:30 tomorrow morning. I’ll have to get up at 6 so I can plow before I go.”

6:10 am found my diligent husband crawling out of bed to go plow while I stayed snuggled in my warm bed. But I hear no sound of the truck and know that he is having trouble starting it. By 7, he is back in the house.

“I have to go,” he explains. “It started just fine yesterday, but today it doesn’t make a sound.”

“Just go. I will go out later and see if I can start it and plow.”

As I bundle up later like a stuffed snowman, the little man in the thermometer on the wall announces that it is 1 below zero. He also has his coat and scarf on. It is a funny little thermometer as the man dresses and undresses according to the temperature.

Brr. The wind takes one’s breath away and pierces through the warm winter jacket. Of course, I have to take my gloves off to handle the keys to unlock the detached garage door. But as I try one key after another, my hand is beginning to chill and so is my mood. Great. My hands are going to be frozen before I even get into the garage. I do finally find the right key and I am in. The truck hood is up and the little charger my hubby has installed is brightly lit and working hard. I slide into the seat and turn the key. Silence. Not a sound. I fiddle with the charger and am rewarded with a click. Dandy! We are making real progress. I decide to give up and make a trip to town while the charger works a little more of its magic – maybe?

As I drive to town, the sun is just coming over the horizon and off on each side of the sun are huge colored rainbow like bands of light. In Minnesota, we call them sundogs. A beautiful sight to behold in this cold barren land in January.

I return about an hour later to begin again my project that I am determined to complete. This time, I squeeze the car between the 2 foot deep snow drift and the garage door so that my battery will face the truck. I will jump this stubborn truck. But after I gingerly hook up the jumper cables and return to the truck to turn the key, I am rewarded only with that solitary click. This is royally frustrating. Well, I decide to use that bottle of vegetable oil I have just bought to weigh down the accelerator.  Maybe the car engine just isn’t running fast enough. 

One more turn of the key. One more solitary click. Uggghhh! This is impossible. Alright, I tell myself, think outside the box. Maybe it isn’t the battery. Maybe something just isn’t connecting. I jam the key in tighter and give it a vigorous spin. Vruhmm Vruhmm says the engine. Just like that. Such is life on a cold snowy Minnesota January day.

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