#Meaning of Christmas

Christmas! It is the season when we are thinking about that time of year we call Christmas. Christmas has become many things to different people in our secular society but the underlying purpose still remains that Christmas is the time of year when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ who came to save us from our sinful selves. But what does that really mean in our everyday lives?Bethlehem Manger scene 008

As I child, our family went to church every Sunday and I was taught the stories of the Bible and their meaning. I remember as a 9 year old, coming upon my older brother crying in the barn and my father kneeling down and praying with him to accept Christ as his Saviour. “I want to do that too,” I said and so my father led me in the sinners prayer as well. I have never really questioned my commitment that day but I have questioned many times over the course of my life if being a Christian really changes people’s inherent sinful nature. Are Christians really any different than those who do not claim to be Christians. By the end of his life, I did not know who my father served and my older brother refuses to speak to me today. Is this what being “brothers and sisters in Christ” means?  I truly struggle to participate in any evangelism outreaches as I have no idea how one offers to others an experience that I have watched intimately fail to change the affections of those closest to me. I only know that I chose to follow Christ and quietly, I ask him everyday to help me be that person He would want me to be. And I pray that when I fail miserably, that God would give me the humility to ask for forgiveness from my fellowman as well as from Him.

My question to you would be, How does your everyday behavior affect those who are looking at you as a Christian? Are they drawn to him or repulsed? Is Christ just a babe in a manger to celebrate at Christmas or do you truly take him with you every day of your life?

One thought on “#Meaning of Christmas

  1. I purchased your book at Plainview. Just finished and realized that God has been with you always. I believe you said you have another book coming out. I am not a regular reader, but have been encouraged by your path and God’s help. Debarlen@hotmail.com Arlen O’Brien


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