How do you picture Thanksgiving?

JRFarmhouse 004How do you picture Thanksgiving when you think of it from the past or even now? Does it look like the picture I have included? When the various presses talk about Thanksgiving, they always show pictures of tables laden with food surrounded by happy smiling families. I think we all understand that is how it “should” be. So why is it not that way for many families? The house (family) that starts out with 3 supports (God, mother, father) collapses in a heap when one support is never there or is eroded away over the years. Could it possibly be that we let our priority in life be something other than treasuring a good relationship with those God has given us to share our lives with?

I loved my family deeply as a child but to this day, I recognize that work had a higher priority than anything else in my parents world including us. On Thanksgiving day, Mama would always cook the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing meal which we spent 15 minutes of our busy day woofing down so that we might hurry back to corn harvesting or whatever post-harvest work there was to do. Once I left home at age 29, our family never once got all together again for any occasion unless you include my father’s funeral where he was in the casket. Someone was always “too busy.” Our daughter has been robbed of any meaningful extended family connection on my side of the family.

I am trying to build a new tradition for my own family – that of my husband, our daughter, and I – but it seems hard with only 3 people to start this new purpose. But I am so very thankful to God for the wonderful husband he has allowed me to have and the beautiful daughter he gave us. I can only take what I have and build upon it. That is what matters.

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