Fall – that special time of year when a farmer gathers in the fruit of his labors. I love this picture of the local grain elevator as the early morning sun glints off the shiny metal. I remember the cool crisp days when the sun shone and one was neither too hot nor too cold – when the day was a never ending hauling of the grain to the elevator leg and then watching the yellow gold pour into the hopper to be hoisted into the holding bin above the grain dryer. I do miss that part of farming.

Just reminiscing about those days makes me wonder if life works the same way. I am in the fall of my life. Should the fall of life have a golden harvest to reap? As I look back on my life, I am happy where I am today. During those days when I struggled to escape the control of my father, I could not foresee  my life years down the road. But God could and he has guided my life in a way that I could not have done myself. I just took one step at a time and tried to honor God each step of the way and I was granted everything I ever wanted. Well, not quite. I would have had another child if it had been my doing and I would have skipped that cancer bout but some things are beyond our control. I am forever thankful for the humble loving husband God allowed me to have and the beautiful healthy daughter He gave us. I am thankful for the good paying jobs both my husband and I have been able to enjoy. Still there are some days when I wonder, what is my purpose here on earth and what am I to do with the rest of my years. What am I supposed to do when I grow up – I mean old?

Do you have a golden harvest to reap and enjoy for your days of labor on earth? – Assuming of course that you are “late middle age” like me. I would enjoy reading your thoughts and comments. Check out my blog at farmgirlwriter.wordpress.com or my website at http://www.farmgirlwriter.com

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