Publishing a book – Hot air needed!





Oct17AfricaDave 105

A hot air balloon ride in Africa was a wonderful way to end a safari. But it is somewhat like publishing a book. A lot of hot air is needed to get off the ground and become airborne. Then the gliding through the quiet dawn is hopefully the end result.

When I thought about the process of publishing a book, writing it seemed to be the easy part. It was my choice to put whatever words I wanted on paper but apparently, not my choice as to who would publish it. After much reading, getting an agent seemed to be the first step. I was not in a hurry to publish as I wished, out of respect for my parents, to wait until they had passed from this world. I spent 6 months or so pitching to various agents with the same response from all of them. “I’m sorry, but we are not looking for this type of book right now.” What to do. I finally made the decision to do the looked down upon option of self-publishing. I chose a company that seemed to have a package deal giving me what I needed depending of what I was willing to pay. Other than spending a small fortune, the book has turned out very nice. The positive responses from those who have read it have made the investment worthwhile.

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