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I began writing this book 7 years ago during a very stressful time during which the relationships in my family of origin totally fell apart. I was seeking to understand for myself what happened to our family and I was looking for the stories of others that were similar to help me in this regard but found very little.

I also realized that real life sometimes is stranger than fiction and provides lessons that others can learn from. I want my story to be an inspiration and a lesson to others.

How did I come to write “If You Leave This Farm”? What was my motivation?

3 thoughts on “How did I come to write “If You Leave This Farm”? What was my motivation?

  1. I remember reading a Budget letter from MN of a farm family .was it in the 70 or early 80/s? anyway never knew what happened to the family, figured they moved or something. Anyway when i read the ad on your book ,it rang a bell. Can /t wait to read it!


  2. I’ve just finished reading the book. What powerful writing of family, hopes, dreams, disappointments, despair and triumphs. Your determination to find your place in the larger” family” of life and your commitment to Christian teachings are a testimony to strength and guidance from the Lord and the support of key people in your life.


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